Ma voisine est mon idole

One of the things I miss the most when living abroad is my piano. And then I look so much forward to playing the piano when I visit Finland, just to realise how bad I actually am cos I haven't been able to play it for such a long time... That could also be listed as one of the most annoying things, I mean you think in your head about all these songs you're gonna play and then when you actually have the piano there, you can barely play Ukko Noa... And yes this text is related to the title. Because. My neighbour here in Paris (or not a proper neighbour, but she lives on the other side of the street and as the houses are close to each other that means that I can follow other people's lives through my window, not that I'd really be so bored in my own life, but well, anyway, back to the story) so yes, my neighbour is a pianist. And an aspiring opera/pop singer. And luckily for me she likes to play the piano and sing with the window open so that I can listen to live piano music. The best performance so far has been Britney Spears' Toxic with piano and opera type of singing voice :) Last weekend I even got to hear a duet as she was having a party and the wine made the guests sing as well.

What can I say, my neighbour is my idol.