Montmartre et moi


Okay so it's been a while since I wrote anything here, but like always, there's a good reason for everything. Long story short, finished studies in England, went to Finland for two weeks and arrived in Paris two weeks ago. I was planning to start a whole new blog with some super imaginative name like "Montmartre et moi", but then again I do like Britannika so why couldn't I write from France as Britannika as well... Sure you can blame my lazyness for not starting a new blog, but it's actually quite difficult to come up with a blog name that would be out of the ordinary but still short and simple.

And to be honest, first I wasn't even supposed to write anything while here in Paris. Again you can blame my lazyness. But the biggest reason was actually because I was quite embarrassed about my previous blogging efforts. I mean in the end I barely wrote a text once a month... However, life in England was totally different than now here in France; I'm on my own now and all alone. At least for now lol :) So I will have a lot more time to write. I'll also have a lot more embarassing stories about stuff happening to me because I usually end up in weird situations when alone and trying to speak a language that is **cking difficult!

The reason I decided to start writing in English is because, to be honest, I'm really afraid that I will forget how to speak and write English! I know, it sounds ridiculous but it gives me some peace of mind to write in English, hahah. :D Though if it looks like I'm making fatal mistakes and just making myself sound stupid writing in a language that's not my mother tongue, I may consider to change back to Finnish. And I'm sure that I'll write in Finnish sometimes anyway...

So a short intro: I'm gonna live in Paris, in Montmartre in a tiny studio, for the next 6 months, working as a trainee for an international company and trying to learn to speak and understand French.