La nouvelle époque

After visiting three different stores I finally found my camera. And I'm really proud of my shopping efforts as I spoke strictly French, not even a word in English! :P In the first place they didn't have the camera I wanted anymore, the salesperson told I could have it in two weeks time, mais non, c'est trop tard! Next I went to Fnac but they were being posh and told me that they don't have the older models, pah, I want the old and cheap one! Next I went to Darty at Madeleine, and it took a while before I realised that the address being Place de la Madeleine meant that the store is actually underground, underneath Place de la Madeleine. While taking the time to find that out I was running around in the rain ruining my favourite leopard ballerinas :( Finally I saw a guy walking with a Darty bag and I asked, pointing at his bag "excusez-moi, ce magazin, c'est où?".So here the first pics ever with my new camera. In the evening I got a text from one of my French friends asking if I'd like to join her and her friends for a free concert at Hôtel de Ville and it was quite a cool place to have a concert.

Notre Dame muuten taustalla oikealla ^^