À moi la frâicheur!

What's that even supposed to mean? I mean the title.. I'm eating McDonald's food again and didn't have enough imagination for the title so took it from McDo drink. Yes, I know, I'm in Paris and eating McDonalds.. That's a bit pathetic, but I'm just too lazy to cook in my tiny tiny - can't even be called a kitchen - kitchen, and am not the biggest fan of Turkish and Lebanese food which is available at every corner in this neighbourhood. And even when I'm able to get myself in a grocery store I never know what to buy. Like today, I went to Le Bon Marché to do some luxury food shopping, I mean the food department there is quite amazing and a lot of choices for souvenirs as well. So I wondered around the store going through every item possible. At some point I realised that the security guy started to follow me, I guess I was looking a bit suspicious with an empty basket and a big bag and touching everything, lol. In the end I bought 2 nectarines, soya youghurt, feta cheese and bread. Well at least the youghurt was a special flavour that I haven't yet found in the stores close to my place!

Another shopping thing that I don't seem to be too good at is finding myself an evening dress for the gradball. A while ago I actually managed to find a proper dress store and went in where the sales lady asked what I was looking for. Robe de la soirée, obviously! And then she asked à vous? Ouai bien sûr, why would I be buying a dress for my mum or someone else, you usually need to try it on don't you? But then the sales person was like désolée, we don't have that small sizes. Ah, d'accord, okay, I guess I need to continue my search then merci beaucoup! I guess I should just take that as a compliment, I think... I mean I'm not a midget am I??

Oh, and on my way to the other side of Paris I saw Jay Alexander from America's next top model in the metro tunnel! I really wanted to go and talk with him cause he was talking English with some guy from NYC (yes, I did eavesdrop a bit I admit) and I was thinking that I could have just use my foreignity in Paris and say that I miss speaking/hearing English, but then again I'm not sure if it had worked as English is not my mother tongue... and yes foreignity is not a real word.