Votre billets de transport, s'il vous plaît!

I was just on skype with my bf and kept on complaining about everything, one of the things being that I haven't been writing my blog lately even though I've had so many things to tell. So to take care of one of the things on the list of complaints, I started to write. Unfortunately this will at the same time break my promise to myself which is to start going to bed before midnight. Preferably before 23.00. But you know the feeling when you're so tired that you're too tired to go to sleep?

Today when I took a bus after work I saw the ticket inspectors (or whatever they're called) for the first time since coming to Paris. And I have to say they do take ticket inspecting seriously here in Paris. First I thought that something has happened close to the bus stop cos there were so many policemen around. But then I realised that they weren't the police but the inspectors. There were at least six of them, and they all had proper police gear, like guns (?) and all! Now that I'm saying that they had guns I'm really questioning myself on that actually cos can it really be true?? But I'm so sure I remember seeing them having guns.. I really need to check this, lol :D But at least they had the batons (the big sticks, sorry I don't know the arm vocabulary so well). Anyway, after seeing how seriously they take the ticket inspecting I'm really going to make sure that when the month changes I will remember to pay the ridiculously expensive 60,40 euros and charge my Navigo pass!