¿Hablas español? -Sí, por supuesto.

I had a very nice surprise waiting for me in my mailbox when I got home after work - three chubby envelopes! I was kinda expecting something from mum, but a belated birthday present was a surprise, it was from one of my best friends (also an ex-housemate) who lives in Germany now. Vielen dank meine süße Jamsi!

Even the electricity bill (up on the right) couldn't bring me down when it was accompanied with all this!

The colourful packages included popcorn and earrings. And not just any kind of popcorn - it was TWILIGHT popcorn!

Another surprise was when I started to open my door and the key didn't fit! First I was thinking that omg the landlord has changed the locks after realising that I'm too messy and a bit unpuctual with September's rent payment... Okay that was a bit too far-fetched... Then I heard some noise and clatter from inside the flat. This obviously (?) made me think that someone went into my flat through the window and closed the door from inside so that he can easily rob the flat without nobody interrupting. I knocked on the door once .. twice .. and a third time and no answer. Then I realised that I have a doorbell and finally someone came to open the door. (At this point it came to my mind that maybe I was just on the wrong floor and this wasn't even my flat!) Luckily not, it was just the housekeeper...!

She asked if it was alright to continue cleaning while I was there and we started to chat in French and then I found out that she was actually spanish. Well of course I had to blurt "yo sé hablar un poco español" and she immediately changed to her mother tongue. Shouldn't have said that, gosh I felt myself stupid speaking one word at a time. This is a message to a certain couple in Mexico; could you organise a wedding or something asap so that I have a good reason to come and practice my Spanish in Mexico? :D