This is actually from a Saturday s couple of weeks ago, but I didn't have the time then to make the post. I wanted to buy a certain cd by Carmen Consoli so I went to Fnac next to Saint-Lazare and ended up walking around the city randomly or as I would like to prove here - not so randomly :P And no I didn't find the album cos they only had the latest one, but instead bought Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain movie. I have seen it already but I was thinking that it would be a good idea to watch it again, she does live in the same neighbourhood after all.

Kaupunkisuunnistus = City orienteering (?)
So I had a plan to walk around and always turn if I saw something cute, nice, interesting etc..  

 My first turn was a cute alley^^

Then there are photos of some turns missing but the fourth (maybe?) turn was American Apparel^^

 A couple of turns missing again (I'm lazy I know) and then decided to head towards a beautiful building^^

 ...but on my way towards the above mentioned building I saw this^^ and decided to run across the street ("Be Stupid" --> run across a busy street in Paris)

Stepping out from the Diesel store I realised that in front of the store there was a bus stop for the bus that goes straight in front of my place. Who needs a map anyway?

And this is what I bought. Frank loves the pianomoods cd's that I bought to replace the actual playing of the piano. (Frank the bear is not part of the shopping btw, he's my roommate.) The trousers from Zara can be seen on me in the previous post.