À l'aéroport

I remember when I was little and going to the airport was such a BIG thing. Waking up early in the morning and making sure you got there on time. It was nothing like taking a train or a bus. But lately - maybe even for my disappointment - I've realised that nowadays it feels just like taking a train or a bus. I'm not too bothered being at the airport hours before the flight or stressed about having all the valuable travel documents with me. Even Easy Jet's warning on the boarding pass "If you're late, we won't wait" doesn't make me any bit worried when I'm queuing to the security check while my boarding pass claims that the gate closed 5 minutes ago. You can always trust Easy Jet! ...to be late.

By the way it's interesting to follow people at the security check. The liquids seem to be something that cause the most trouble for people. The funniest thing was when a mum realised that she had a big bottle of body lotion in her hand luggage. She didn't want to waste it so she started to apply the lotion on her 8-year-old son. After the son was fully moisturised she continued with her own legs and arms. Luckily the dad was wearing long trousers, so he was saved from this queue activity. Many times the parents can cause embarassing moments for their offspring - or at least the children think it's embarassing at the time - but sometimes it can be vice versa. Something that I also saw in a queue at the airport, was a toddler making a poo that didn't stay in the diaper, but instead spread in the toddler's shoes and the floor. Usually I don't hurry into the plane, but this time I wanted to make sure that I didn't have to sit next to that smelly baby...

Anyway, I guess I started to tell these airport stories because I wanted to tell that I flew to England last weekend and also went to my old university city Lincoln. It was so nice to be there after a long time, it's such a cute city!

Lincoln Cathedral and a piece of the castle wall

Niin no olihan siellä sit ne bileetkin, mut ei niistä nyt tällä kertaa sen enempää... :D