L'Atelier des Chefs

Like I told you in the previous post, I did some cooking today instead of the basic take-out food. I saw this article on Helsingin Sanomat about cooking courses in Paris and decided to try. The place was called L'atelier des Chefs and it was a small place on rue de St Lazare. To be honest I was a bit nervous before hand, not that I would have been nervous about the cooking, but understanding the chef's French.. Luckily it was alright even though I didn't understand that much of the actual words he said but cos I could just follow what other people were doing. And I wasn't the only one who wasn't French, there was one man from California ("Oh I just visited California a couple of weeks ago!" was obviously my first comment) so I had somebody to talk to when we were eating our cookings after the lesson. I did also try to have some discussion with the French, but damn they were talking fast!

And back to the food, we made some white fish with red wine sauce and grated potatoes wrapped with smoked bacon. It was well nice. The dessert reminded me too much of "glögi" though, it was pears poached in red spiced wine and some dough crumbs to go with it. I had my camera with me cos I was planning to prove my excellent  cooking skills with beautiful photos, but... the memory card was still home inside my laptop!! I should fix this head of mine one day.. I was able to take one photo of my meal, but as it's on the camera and not on the memory card I've no idea how I'll be able to get it out from there as at the moment I'm transferring the photos on my laptop straight from the memory card as I can't find the cable.... I guess this means I need to find that damn cable!

Anyways, to avoid a post without a picture, I'll add a picture from last Saturday when I saw a friend from Finland who was visiting Paris. This was also my first visit to Montreuil! (Sorry bout the quality, my camera doesn't seem to like the darkness...)