Une Pizza Speciale

I'm extremely proud of myself at the moment. Last night I ordered a pizza delivery in French :D Not that I haven't been using French in everyday situations before, but for some reason it's always so much more difficult on the phone.

When speaking French my biggest problem is always the pronounciation of 'R'. For some reason that seems to be just impossible (but I always try to cheer myself up by imagining the French trying to pronounce the Finnish 'R'). Because of this r-impediment of mine, I went for the pizza that was the easiest to pronounce - speciale. Unfortunately they asked for my phone number and that happens to include a number four 'quatRe'... On the phone they also asked me something about the pizza by giving to options, and I've still no idea what that could have been, I just replied "the second option please" :D Well the pizza was really nice, so I guess I'll be going for that "second option" the next time as well.

Tomorrow my meal will hopefully be a lot nicer (or not necesserily nicer as I do love pizza, but maybe a bit more classy and healthy) as I'm actually going to a French cooking class :P There I am supposed to create the following: Pavé de sandre rôti au Côtes du Rhône, crique de pommes de terre au lard fume. Poire pochée au vin rouge et épices, crumble aux pralines roses. So if I understood correctly it means that I'll be making some kind of roast steak and some potatoes with bacon and I also need to poach (?) a pear and serve it in some red wine thingy with spices and then a last challenge will be a "crumble" (?) with pink pralines. Hmm... let's see what happens...