Back to black

I was surprised about two things when the plane landed at Helsinki-Vantaa yesterday evening
- it was pitch black dark outside
- the flight was 25 minutes early!
After flying with easy jet for 10 times and the flight has always been delayed I already had forgotten that there is a possibility to arrive at the destination before the expected time. :O Thank you Blue1. Maybe one day I'll be rich enough and not forced to fly with the cheapest airlines...

But I have to say it feels so good to be back in Finland, even if it's only for couple of days. I've already eaten ridiculous amounts of carelian pies and rye bread. My plan for these couple of days is to get the dissertation started and meet some lovely people. I wish I could diss&ditch the dissertation though. It's such a pain in the ass. Would be alright if I had a clear idea on what I wanna write, I mean I like writing and research (when it's literary research), but not having any ideas on the topic kinda sucks. Or not kinda, it sucks. And it feels like everybody else has already such good ideas. The 1st is slowly slipping away....

Jimi: "Is this a candid camera or something, why the heck is someone taking photos of me while there's a huge scrumptious berliininmunkki on the table?!"