Je t'èmmene faire le tour de ma drôle de vie

I saw that other girl who sings in this song ^^ on a bus this morning. I hope she didn't realise that I was staring at her but I couldn't first figure out why she looked so familiar and then I remembered this French movie that I saw on a plane. She was the actress from "Tout ce qui brille"!

Okay so I guess I promised to continue explaining what I did last weekend. Though I'm so excited about the fact that I'm going to Finland tomorrow (for couple of days) that last weekend seemed to have happened  such a long time ago already. Anyways, I did take some pictures and I had a really nice Saturday so I should say something about it. For this Saturday I had finally booked us a dinner cruise on Seine, which I was planning to do already in August... But actually it was quite nice now when it was dark and all. Unfortunately it was rainy too and we really got to experience the rain as well... Before the boat we went to La Defense to do a quick shopping tour that in the end was extremely quick as we realised that we left my place a bit too late (as always). Otherwise it would have been alright but there's no direct metro connection from La Defense to the Eiffel Tower and I was so scared that we would miss the boat (that we already paid for -- 150 *ucking euros!). Luckily no problems with the metro and then crazy running from Trocadero. Just when we were crossing the bridge and already saw the "Bateaux Parisiens" it started to rain cats and dogs. And no, it defo was no kittens and chihuauas, but Garfields and St. Bernards... And no umbrella (which probs would have been useless anyway cos of the wind). We had only 5 mins left before the boat was to leave and there were like 5 same looking boats. We were sent to do the registrations to the last boat, from where they then sent us to another boat. We looked like if we had taken a shower with clothes on. Otherwise okay as the boat was heated, but bf's afro absorbed a nice amount of water and it was dropping water all over the dinner table and food. To save the expensive meal from rain water I had to sacrifice my scarf so that he could dry his hair. Was a bit cold to walk back to the metro station without the scarf and I almost went and bought a stylish "paris paris paris" scarf from a street souvenir vendor.
Didnt rain yet in La Defence but could forecast something of those clouds..

Arc de Triomphe hiding

La Pluie
Ei mitenkään lavastettu ikkunastaulostuijotus ei
Tota Eiffeliä mä vaan kattelin
Btw I'd like to add a comment referring to what I said about the French accent in my last post. Hopefully no-one took it wrongly cos I just realised that it could easily be misunderstood. I didnt mean I wouldnt like the French accent in English, it's actually cute, but I just dont wanna have it in my own speech cos I already have a weird Finnish but still somehow untraceable accent in my English :D