J’ai pas les pieds sur terre, La patience de ma banquière, J’ai pas ces choses-là

Last weekend I made a surprise visit to England, it was so much fun to wake up someone who doesn't even know you're in the same country! I was also quite happy to be able to get Eurostar tickets one day before the trip without spending my entire salary on them. This was my second trip to London with the train, and I have to say that I prefer the train to flying. It's so annoying that you have to be at the airport one hour before the flight leaves and the security check is such a pain in the ass. And what is the joke with the liquids?! The only reason they don't let people take liquids is because they want us to spend more money at the airport. I've taken liquids (accidentally though) in the hand luggage without putting them into a plastic bag and they have said nothing about that... Yes, there is a security check before Eurostar as well, but it's quite easygoing. You don't even have to remove your watch or coat, not to even talk about the shoes.

Weekend went really quickly as always but at least I learned a useful skill - to drive the English style! Which, from my point of view, means driving on the wrong side of the road. It was fun though a little bit scary, quite many times I tried to find the gear stick from my right side but obviously ended up scooping the air (en kyllä nyt tiedä voiko ilman kauhomisen suoraan kääntää noin, mutta ehkä toi idea tosta välittyy..)

Because the camera spent the whole holiday in the luggage because of the owner's lazyness, here's a pic taken from my window in Paris to have something for the eye. Quite a pointless photo though, lol..

I'm not a really big fan of grocery shopping, which sometimes results in imaginative cooking, and tonight my meal was soya pancakes. They look more like omelettes cos they were so yellow, but tasted still like pancakes. Or crêpes. Yummy.