Paris avec ma soeur - Day 1

On Friday I left to Gare du Nord straight after work to pick up my sister who will be here in Paris for this weekend.

Gare du Nord

 Then to my place with a bus.

And because the weekend is short we didn't have time to rest, so we left to meet a Parisian friend of mine at Odéon.

We had a nice French meal at a restaurant where the temperature was just like in a sauna... Maybe the temperature is part of the reason why there's no picture material to publish. But the food was really good!

After the meal we went to a bar on rue de Buci (if I remember correctly...?) that was famous for it's fresh mojitos.    ...and small chairs

Mojito has never really been my favourite drink though, tastes like raspberry covered with toothpaste. My sister's was with strawberries and it was sligthly more enjoyable me thinks. And she seemed to like it a lot. 10 € per drink btw, we are not in Lincoln anymore...!

After the drinks it we (or she) wanted to go and see THE Eiffel tower.

So Eiffel tower is now ticked from the list, a couple of more sights left for Saturday...

And big thanks for Sam without who we would have never been able to find from Odéon to Eiffel tower and without who there wouldn't be photos of me and my sis together!