Paris avec ma soeur - Day 2

This Saturday my sister made me wake up at 10 o'clock as she had a very ambitious sightseeing plan. Just to compare to my usual Saturday morning, I'm used to waking up between 12 and 4pm.... We started with taking a bus to The Arc de Triomphe from where we continued to walk down the Champs-Élysées. Original plan was to walk down all the way to the Louvre, but then we got a bit hungry and walking was not a tempting option so we took the metro instead. I can admit that cos we're both quite petite sized we took advantage of that and squeezed through the entry gates with just one ticket.... Student budget for both of us you know. Back to the story. We saw the glass pyramid of Louvre, had some lunch and took a nice after-lunch nap at Jardin des Tuileries. The weather was awesome. Couldn't believe that you can actually sunbathe in over 20 degrees in October! Then we moved on towards the Musée de l'Orangerie, because after the bottle of coke at lunch we needed to find a ladies room. We were being skint and stingy again and also just out of prinicple didn't want to pay for such service, so museum was a good option as all under 25-year-olds can get in to the museums in Paris for free. Not to look too suspicious, we did check out the impressionist paintings as well. After the museum we took a metro from Place de la Concorde to Hôtel de Ville, from where we walked to Notre Dame. The queue to go inside was ridiculously long, so we were happy just to see it from outside. Then we continued walking a bit around Île de la Cité which is a really cute area. Then continued to the 4th arrondissement, bought some Red Bull and were energetic again to move on. Passed the Centre Pompidou and headed towards Les Halles to do some shopping. After this we were deadly tired and happy to catch a metro from Châtelet les Halles station, which btw is the masterpiece of metro stations. Not recommended for a first time tourist as getting around there is a challenge even for a girl/boy scout. Okay I'm maybe exaggerating a bit, but the point is that it's not the nicest station. And you probably need to show your ticket and go through entry gates several times before you're at the right platform. After the day we needed to rest our feet for a while before the final sight and one of my favourite areas in Paris - Montmartre. While we were having dinner at a bistrot on rue Abbesses we suddenly heard some really loud boom-bang-cratch noises. First thought for both of us was that now the terrorists finally got us, before we realised that the sound just continued and nobody was screaming - fireworks. We couldn't see anything from where we were sitting so we asked for the bill quickly to be able to catch a glimpse of these "feux d'artifice". Unfortunately it ended just when we started to climb up to the Montmartre hill and Sacre Coeur and we got stuck into mass of people trying to leave after the fireworks. The last sight was not as easily shown as I expected as there happened to be this huge happening at la butte Montmartre and moving forward was not too simple. Luckily we spotted two Chinese ladies who were professionals in "crowd slalom" and followed them to the Sacre Coeur. Nice night view of Paris - way too many people. A perfect ending for the night was crêpes with raspberry jam and whipped cream.

And now the same with pictures:

All excited about Paris


...siis RIEMUkaari!!!
Me in front of Cartier and my sister imitating Sarkozy's sugary facial expression
An interesing way to hand out fragrance samples

Even if I was so rich that shopping at Louis Vuitton would be a mundane thing, I would still be pissed off if I had to queue to get in!

Hävittäjä etupihalla
Fashion shoot

Our own fashion shoot

Roska silmässä

Notre Dame

Not the most tranquil place for a nap

Illan asu

Sacre Coeur