Sweet soeur o' mine

I just came home from an amazing piano concert. My Latvian friend got me an invite to see a Latvian pianist called Vestard Shimkus, and it was so nice to hear live piano music. It really made me feel like playing the piano too, but the only song I can play without sheet music is Guns 'n' Roses - Sweet Child o' mine and it wouldn't have been really cool to jump on the stage during the half time and play hard rock after Beethoven's sonata.

Here's one song that he played as well, it's "Miroirs" by Maurice Ravel. (This clip here is performed by Cambry)

Me and my sister last year when she was visiting me in Lincoln
(she'll hate me for adding this pic, but I kinda
like that weirdly red tongue of hers in this one)
I'm so excited about this weekend btw. My sister is coming here to see me!!! I've already made a tourist plan for us which includes shopping, Sacre Coeur, the flea market in Saint Ouen, The Catacombs, Notre Dame, Eiffel-tower (not climbing up though, once is enough for me, my sis is not happy about this however!), Louvre, maybe some parks like Buttes Chaumont, but this depends on weather. This list is probably impossible to implement in real life, and we'll end up sitting in cafes in Montmartre for the whole weekend, but at least I have a good plan. As we say in Finland - hyvin suunniteltu on puoliksi tehty (well planned is half done).