There aint nobody fresher

I had to start this with posting Tinie Tempah's Pass Out, cos I'm now starting to tell about my weekend and it started sadly (sad news for me not for those who were there) hearing from my friend that Tinie is having a gig at Engine Shed (the place where we used to "laittaa jalalla koreasti" almost every week last year when living in Lincoln). Why WHY weren't I there now! I posted the French version even though that Seth Gueko is just making the song worse, but as my blog is tightly France-related I though it would be only appropriate. Usually when I put music on my blog I dont have the video there but Tinie deserves to be seen :D
(If you didn't realise already - I'm a fan :P )

Okay so back to my weekend! The Finnish restaurant where I wanted to go on Friday was fully booked, so there went that plan, but then I found another Finnish restaurant which defo wasnt fully booked and I can see why... So we were walking down rue des dames and saw this sign about a Finnish restaurant however instead of a restaurant there was an antiques shop. Well we stood there and wondered and the guy next to us (the chef apparently) told us that the restaurant was downstairs. So we went in walked down and this tiny cute furry white dog came to welcome us. (At this point I had to go in even though the place looked shabby and small and not like a proper restaurant.) I'm too lazy to explain all the details, so a quick summary. Place was cute, dog was cuter (and it sat next to me begging for my food while I was eating the Ikea-like meatballs) but the food wasn't too special. Could go there again for the weirdly different atmosphere and cosiness, but defo not for the food. You should have seen my bf's face (who btw is not Finnish, therefore doesn't know how the Finnish food should be) when he was trying to finish his "Lappish plate" that mainly consisted of beetroot, gurkens and canned herring. I could give the place another try though and maybe once go to have the pannukakku. The only other customer (who was also a friend of the owners') had that and it looked quite good.

After visiting the Lapland with Finnish tanssilava music on the background we decided to change the country and went to Ireland (Irish bar). I was gutted that they didn't have the original apple Bulmers, but at least they had Pear Bulmers and it was a really nice change after drinking only French wines lately. Btw I still don't understand the difference between Irish Bulmers which abroad is Magners but still there's also Bulmers outside Ireland but that ain't the Irish Bulmers then? So Bulmers in Ireland is the same as Magners in England but Bulmers in England is not the Bulmers/Magners in Ireland? It's funny how somehow you think that the bartenders are Irish cos it's an Irish bar but after I ordered Bulmers the bartender didn't understand me. So I had to do the embarrassing thing and pronounce Bulmers in a French way. He understood. I really hope the French accent doesn't get into my English for good (though couldnt say the Finnish accent was any better). Nowadays I usually order all the English-named stuff with a French pronounciation so that people would understand immediately. Like happy meal is 'appy meal and vanilla caramel brownie ice cream is .. hmm.. well just imagine a French accent to it.

And that will be with photos then as I forgot the camera home on Friday but remembered it on Saturday.

À bientôt!