Come out of your cave walking on your hands

Today is not any better than yesterday. I was slightly depressed. Now I'm slightly depressed and missing Helsinki. (Shouldn't have spent whole lunch hour searching for a flat in Finland.) I listened through the whole Mumford & Sons album yesterday. Even though I already thought that I couldn't listen to it cos I've already listened to it millions of times. Thought that one million and one is on time too many. Nope, it's not. Then I listened to Maija Vilkkumaa. No, doesn't make one any happier. The latest album is all about getting old but not wanting to. Scary. I have no idea what I'm gonna do after March. Or where I wanna be. Something planned starting from September but there's plan B and C involved as well. Just in case.

The last month is always the most difficult. You know there's not enough time to find new friends. Or at least no point. You're leaving anyway. There's no point starting something new. There's so many things left to do. And no time to do them all. All the things you need to take care of before leaving. Going back shortens many distances. But at the same time making some a lot longer. Thinking what you will do when you go back. And how the heck are you gonna fit all your stuff in two suitcases!?! And still you wanna buy christmas presents. And souvenirs.

Mumford & Sons - White Blank Page

Maija Vilkkumaa - Dingo ja Yö

(Ten points and a parrot pin for the one who guesses where I took this photo?!)

But who could be sad forever. ...right? I took a picture of this guy one day and he looks like he rode to victory. Gave me motivation. I'll be on page one hundred some day.

I want it. Even if it makes me cry. I want it. I can smell it in the air. This is my VICTORY.

N.E.R.D. - Victory