I'm feeling frisky

Oi gsus why would anybody wanna travel with the earliest possible option?? Not me that's for sure. So I went to Oxford on Thursday and as I had to be there in the morning I took the 6.40 am train from Paris. After which I had to take another train from Paddington to Oxford and of course I managed to hop on to the slowest possible train which had like 14 stops before Oxford. I was slightly embarrassed as someone was actually waiting for me at the station. The train that I was supposed to take would have taken half the time of this slower one... nice. But this just proves it, I'm not a morning person! And it was even worse to take a 5.25 am train back to Paris next morning. You can imagine how well I performed at the morning meeting in Paris after that...

The trip to London and Oxford was so quick that I didnt manage to take any photos, but I just remembered that I never uploaded the photos from one Saturday couple of weeks ago when I was visiting Finland. What a perfect time for that now as I can also start the countdown to my return to Fineland, only a month left!

Cheese and wine, just like in France...except the Marimekko that makes it a Finnish cheese and wine night :D
This proves it, I'm not the coolest person in the world. Someone would like to have a nice friend photo and it takes like 7 tries before I can actually calm down and smile for the camera... (and it was probs even more than 7 actually...)

Not really related to this post but I really wanna tell that last week I bought the BBC Radio One Live Lounge album and it's sooo good. Basically it includes live versions of different artists that have visited he Radio 1 studio and also cover versions. It has artists such as Tinie Tempah (well of course!), Ellie Goulding, Mumford & Sons,  Plan B and Example to name a few. Me likes it a lot.

Here one of my favourites.