Je voudrais un petit peu de neige, s'il vous plaît

I heard that it's getting quite cold in Finland now, but I'm feeling cold here as well even though it's some lazy degrees not even reaching the minus level. But the heating system in buildings and flats (well without the plural maybe as this empirical research is based  on my experiences at the office and in my flat) is just, well, weird. Or should I say different. One thing I've learned is never to say that something is bad or done in a wrong way, there's always someone who likes it. I used to be really fussy with food when I was a kid (and couple of years after being older than a kid) and I remember my school teacher telling me the smartest thing ever when I was trying to down my portion of chili con carne à la school kitchen: "how could it be bad when so many people love it?". Couldn't argue with that. And where did the storyline disappear once again...?? This morning I was the first at the office room (in "my" room there's usually from 2 to 4 people) and it was freezing so I adjusted the heaters to full heat (or however you say it). These heaters could be comparable to hairdryers; they actually blow hot air and they look like sauna stoves. So the result after my adjustments was a sauna room at the office. I was kinda feeling like at home until at 11 o'clock someone else came into the room "Oh my god, isn't it a bit too hot in here?" "Naa, well, it was freezing in the morning so I adjusted the temperature a bit" "Shouldn't you Finnish people be used to cold?" And me answering (only inside my head though) "Yes indeed we are and that's why we have come up with proper buildings with proper heating systems!"

After work I went to see the Christmas Market with my new friend Linda. Champs Elysees was quite pretty with some accessories on.