Moulin de la Galette

Sacre Coeur + Guinness

The Lonely Rider

I don't think they came only for the pickpockets...

Iya Traore warming up
It was a nice sunny day so decided to walk around Montmartre for a bit. Unfortunately I didn't stay at Sacre Couer for long enough to take a photo of Iya Traore climbing up the lamppost, but I'll tell you, he's amazing. He has already gotten quite famous among tourists and I'm sure he is the richest street artist in Paris. So basically his thing is to climb up a lamppost while doing tricks with his football at the same time. There's some videos on youtube, but you really have to see it in real life to actually realise how good he is.

I promised myself that I would do some studying today. Why does it feel like such an unpleasant idea....