Back to Paris

(On this video on 4:33 you can see Bateaux Parisiens and the bridge where I was running in the rain to catch the boat a week ago...) 

The short visit to Finland is now over and I'm back to Paris and back to work - which deserves a grumpy face :/ (Not so much the Paris but the fact that holiday is over.) I was loving my couple of days in Finland but my laptop didn't share my feelings. It decided to crash immediately after visiting the Finnish Internet. Nice one my dear FujitsuSiemens. But then again it was a good timing. If it had broke down in Paris I probs wouldn't have been able to find a new one with a Finnish qwerty-keyboard. And now I'm more than happy with my new laptop that has a touch screen! I was playing Solitaire and some of the other exciting card games all the way on the plane back to Paris, it's so much more fun with a touch screen!

Oh btw, do you know how 4-year-old child sounds trying to imitate a hoover? I know. This little cutie pie took care of my sound effects as I forgot to charge my Ipod before the trip. In the end she turned out to be quite a smart kid though. When the plane landed a group of people started to applaud. The child asked with her eyes wide open of astonishment (obviously I didn't see her eyes but they sounded to be wide open): "Why are they applauding mum??" A good question! I would like to know where this behaviour stems from as well...

You know it's funny how you can almost forget a language when you're away for only a few days. When I got back here I really had to think for a while before I remembered how to say 'sorry' in French... And then I of course had a meeting in French at work today. Perfect timing.