Rendez-vouz entre Kassel et London

The second part of my weekend posse arrived from London on Friday noon while I was trying my best to get everything done on time to leave the office early. After work I almost run home to welcome the second guest, only to realise that no-one was there in my flat (I had given the keys to guest no 1 aka J in the morning). Luckily they were found from the nearest food store and we could open up a bottle of white and start updating on the latest gossips. Later in th evening we head out to a Finnish restaurant called MilleLacs which was a positive experience compared to the previous one... And the karelian pies were sooo good :P If you're wondering why I took my Finnish friends to a Finnish restaurant when they came to visit me in France, it's because they are also living outside Finland at the moment and we haven't had Finnish food in ages!

A&A in the metro
Finnish tapas plate
Finnish girls
Walking around in Montmartre
Next morning I finally remembered that I have to take the carpet to cleaners. I was supposed to take care of that in September already... 

Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg

With annoying rain...

Shakespeare & Co. Could spend there a whole day...

Gosh I hate the rain, is it gonna be like this all winter?!