They don't want me to leave this country

I had a life for a couple of days so the blog was quiet for a while. But it could have been a matter of two minutes and this long weekend could have been taken away.

I left to the airport perfectly on time last Wednesday, however already on the first bus I realised that there might be a chance that I'd be late for the flight. So as the bus couldn't really move anywhere I stepped out and ran to the metro. When I reached the stop for the airport bus I was so happy cos the bus was there already. There doors were closed though. I knocked on the door. And the bus left. Without me. Just my luck.

Waited for half an hour and started to be rather worried. I also realised that I wasn't the only one who was looking worried. Then this one guy started to talk and we found out that we're on the same flight to London so we decided to share a taxi. It was quite easy to spot two other worried faces to join our taxi and the other anxious face was taking the same flight with us, how convenient. Finally we got to the airport just before they closed the gate, couple of minutes later and I would have had to return to Paris even before I got properly out of there.

Perfect price-quality ratio! Zizzi's restaurant on The Strand.

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