You can blueprint and plan this

I hate it that I can't forecast the traffic in Paris. Today I was able to listen to Seeing Sounds album by N.E.R.D the whole way through when I was coming back from work. In a way nice yeah cos haven't listened to that album for ages (especially since I forgot the charger of my iPod to Finland when I moved to Paris and only got it back last week). But for *uck's sake how is it even possible that a bus trip that usually takes 10 min can suddenly take 12*4min tracks? (At least this reminded me that I really need to go and buy the latest N.E.R.D. album "Nothing" asap!!)

But I feel more bad for the lady who asked me for time at the bus stop and I showed her the time on my watch that was still in summer time (daylight saving time). She thought the time was an hour more even before stepping on that same bus that I took. Poor woman. For some reason everybody always asks me for time when I'm waiting for the bus. And for some reason I'm still hesitating on how to say it in French and end up showing my watch anyway cos I'm not sure if I said it correctly....

Something else that I realised today (in addition to the facts that it seems to rain a lot in Paris and that I dunno how to say what time it is in French) is that my new cape that I just bought this weekend looks more like a poncho. Damn!

And still something more to realise - I'm flying to England tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, which means that I need to start packing. Now.

N.E.R.D. - Anti Matter