C'était pas gentil de vous!!

I'm so annoyed. Just took my bf to the airport bus and after he had queued nicely the bus driver shouted "Monsieur, stop!". And I'm like pourquoi...? Well, the driver just decided that now it was time for the bus to leave and left the 5 last people in the queue outside the bus. Putain de merde. While the bus was passing us we could count that there were 8 seats still free. So it was not like the bus would have been so full that it couldn't have taken all the people who were at the bus stop. You bet we were happy to stand on a bus stop for another half an hour in 0 degrees and pouring rain. In the end he ended up taking a taxi with some other people going to the airport and at the moment I've no idea if he made it or not..

I had to go and buy myself a macaron to make me a bit happier. So weird to realise that it was probably the last time I will be buying a macaron from a boulangerie/patisserie round the corner. I'm leaving tomorrow. Or at least I hope I am! Do not let this rain turn into snow.....

It doesn't look like a Laduree macaron, but the amount of the filling makes up for the looks :P