Flying home for Christmas?

I was so happy to be able to get to the airport quickly with the taxi, no snow problems and a really nice driver from Guadalupe, who now knows that Nokia is Finnish. And I know now that bananas and rhum are the main exports from Guadalupe.

When I got to the airport I was also happy to see that the flight was estimated to leave perfectly on time, at 19.30. I got even happier when the guy at the baggage drop didn't nag about a couple of extra kilos.

Before going to the gate I decided to enjoy a nice soya cappuccino at Starbucks. But they had no soya milk. I'm sure this was a sign that the bad luck was about to begin.

When I got to the gate and sat down to wait for the boarding with a nice semi cold pepsi, they made the announcement. Blue 1 flight to Helsinki is delayed. The estimated departure time is 21.40. Merde.

So here I am, drinking red wine with my new Moroccan friend who knows a couple of words in Finnish and is at least 65 years old. I truly hope that I don't have to use all the 24 hours of WiFi that I bought...

I couldn't make myself to smile in this situation, sorry bout the sad face...

From the second photo you can see how I positioned myself very tactically. Immediately when that little boy gets bored of the PS3, I'm gonna jump towards the game console and pass some time with the motocross game. But why don't they have something a bit more interesting to play, Crash Bandicoot for example?!