Keep your eyes on the embassy

The number one reason I decided to come to France to do my internship was to become more fluent in French. Unfortunately learning the language hasn't been as easy as I planned. For sure I understand a lot more and am a lot more fluent than I was before, but to be honest, I hoped to learn even more than this. Obviously it doesn't help that the official language used at work is English...

Luckily I seem to look like a person that can be easily approached. For some reason all the grannies always come to me to ask what time it is, or when the next bus is coming or what the announcement that they just heard was about. This morning I got to practice my French talking about the colours of my new suitcase with an old lady. I'm not sure though if the vocabulary that I learn with 80+ people is the most useful for me :D

And this weekend I made a new French friend. I was waiting for my friends in the corner of an embassy of one rather big country. The embassy is guarded 24/7 by the Gendarmerie and this one policeman/gendarmerie just started to chat with me while I was waiting. I have to say that I started to think that he wasn't the most alert guard if he could just spend 15 minutes chatting with someone without paying any attention to the Embassy's surroundings. I'm already starting to think about a career as a secret agent, as I seem to be good in distracting the guards :P

Our first plan was to go to Buddha Bar, but unfortunately we couldn't find seats for 6, so we walked closer to the Opéra and had drinks at Footsie. It's quite a funny concept, the bar works like a stock market. The prices  fluctuate depending on the demand. Basically there are screens where you can see the time (change every 5 min) and the prices and a small arrow next to the price showing if it went up or down when it last changed. Though I guess it's not the first bar with this idea, anyway the first time I've seen it. :)