Le Dernier Mois

So the last month in Paris has started and the countdown began. I got a nice christmas calendar from a friend and it works quite nicely for the countdown as I'll be leaving on 23rd. I kinda feel like making a list of all the stuff I need to do in Paris before leaving. I had so many plans when I came and now it feels like I haven't done any of the things I was supposed to do.

Well, managed to start the final month with a workday of 11 hours, what could be better than that! At least I had  a bit different work environment today, quite a prestigious seminar room I'd say!

I also wanted to take a photo of myself in this place, but it didn't really come out so well, as it was too spooky to be in that place alone after the lights were shut and everybody had left, so I just wanted to do it quickly, resulting in weird bad quality pic. And maybe it would have been quite weird if someone had come in and had seen me taking a photo of myself through the mirror. Now that I think of it, why did I even start to do that in the first place :D

Couldn't have failed more, what a quality (picture+model)! ^^

I had to get something to eat on the way back home, and I have to say that even in Paris it looks a bit weird to carry a baguette in the handbag if it doesn't really fit in there... ^^

Because I failed so badly in taking that self portrait, I really had to try another time and I got a perfect opportunity for that while taking the lift up those two floors (for which I of course usually always use the stairs...not)! Not that I would really need a picture of my own face, but I realised it hasn't really been on this blog lately, and I wanna make sure that my mum and dad don't forget how my face looks like so that they can spot me from the arrivals terminal at Helsinki-Vantaa on 23rd of December! So below the face you need to be looking for:

Hmmm.. what a scary grin on the first one...

p.s. I used to live in an old building that didn't have a lift so don't blame me for not taking the stairs to second floor (which would be a third floor in Finland)! :D