Almost like in Paris

It has been such a shitty weather today, barely a couple of degrees on the plus side, slippery and wet roads full of sleet, big drops of water (but it's not raining) falling on your face now and then and a nice cool breeze. Just like in Paris in December.

We went to ysibaari with my friends. The waitress didn't even bother to say hi when we got in. We realised that there was no space for three people, maybe for two. We stood there for a while wondering if we were able to fit somewhere. All this time the waitress was standing almost next to us, not even once lifting her head up to say something - organising the teabags apparently. The service was almost like in 16 Tholozé in Paris. The food in 16 Tholozé is so delicious though that I didn't mind the bad service. Unfortunately 9 Bar didn't even give me a chance to taste the food, which I assume should be awesome as people still keep on coming to that place with that level of service! I've been there 2 years ago and I can't really remember if it was good or not... I might give them another chance one day. Peut-être.

We were obviously still craving for that lunch, so we continued further into Montagne Rouge. A random guy passed us and said "Terve!" with a yucky flirting tone in his voice. Almost like when walking in Paris.

Then we decided to go to Tori. Nice atmosphere, good food, friendly service and a celebrity at the corner table. Almost like in Paris.

After the lunch we felt like having a nice cup of cappuccino so we ran to catch a 3T or 3B to get us to La Torrefazione on Aleksanterinkatu. I really need to work on remembering which of the trams is the T and which is the B, it's funny how you forget those little details while you're away... Anyway, at La Torrefazione we ate macarons. Almost like in Paris.

I'd like to end this post with a note to all those who drive a car in an area where there's a high possibility that a pedestrian might be crossing the road that you're driving on. First of all, the law says that when there's a zebra crossing you should stop and let the pedestrian cross. If you're not capable of understanding this, you should at least realise that if you speed through a puddle, all the water splashes on the poor pedestrian who was trusting on you to know the Traffic Act. After you didn't realise this I hope you at least paid attention to the finger that was raised - only for you my dear.