Le Bonkbonkbonk sparkles

As an aspiring restaurant (bar) critic, I decided to share my latest favourites with you. This is to be continued! I haven't really had enough time to see many places in Helsinki though.... Well, so far so good! (And there's still at least two Parisian aces up my sleeve to be shared, lol)

Le Bonk - The Best After Work in Helsinki

A glass of sparkling wine only for 1 euro and it's actually even good sparkling wine. Do I need to say more?

And in my opinion this beats the Baker's. Though my opinion might be affected by the fact that a Baker's bar tender didn't serve me their one-euro sparkling wine when I was 21 (a long time ago). Too young he said. And they didn't have a pianist at Baker's. Le Bonk pianist even sang a couple of tunes in French - with a not so French accent though. But as French undoubtedly is one of the sexiest languages in the world, there's no accent that could ruin it :P 

Oh, and as you can see from the pic above, they had some "tapas" too. It was actually just a variety of three of the saltiest snacks to make us thirsty. But hey, it's free and I'm still a student. It seems that we also had a some sort of a millionaire with us as there's a beer on the table.

You know what is scary? When you go to a place that's supposed to have a very high age limit and then they don't ask for your ID. I'm really starting to feel old. And I know why it has hit me so hard. I kinda had the feeling as if the time had stopped while I was living abroad. And now that I'm back I'm continuing from where I was before I left. But I guess it doesn't work like that does it? Love them shoes btw ^^^

Yks esimerkki siitä että huomaa että on ollu poissa, on se ku kuulee jotain sanoja joita ei ymmärrä. Matkalla tonne Le Bonkiin pysähdyttiin kattoo talvitakkeja ja se myyjä ehdotti että voisin "trebaa" sitä rotsii. Oletin että se tarkotti kokeilla ja minähän kokeilin ja myyjä näytti tyytyväiseltä eli sitä se ilmeisesti tarkotti. Mut voisko joku kertoo et kuulinko väärin vai onks tää joku uus slangisana Helsingissä??? Tai jossain muualla?? Olin liikkeellä toisen paluumuuttajan kanssa ja se oli ihan yhtä pihalla ku mäkin...