The Tourist

Last night we went to the cinema and the plan was to see something 'light' and easy. Love and other Drugs was already sold out when we got to the cashier, so we quickly chose another film they were showing at the same time. That's how we ended up seeing The Tourist. And I'm well happy we did. It was good Friday night entertainment. Not that the film was mind blowing or anything, but a very nice combination of action, romance and comedy. Angelina Jolie looked amazing through the whole film. Johnny Depp didn't look so amazing as he purposely gained a few pounds for this role, but his acting was as perfect as always. Have to say though that big reason for the film being good was the scenery and languages; well nice combination of French in Paris, some nice British English by the Scotland Yard and Italian in Venice.

It still bothers me that in the beginning when Elise (AJ) is having breakfast at a cafe in Paris she orders a croissant but I'm sure she got a pain au chocolat instead. Hmm.. or I'm just blind.

Luckily I have friends who can pose so that I can just be the fool at the background

Even though I'm not such a big fan of Töölö, at least you can walk home easily from Kamppi