Warm up the house

Last week me and my awesome roommate decided that even though we'll be living in this new flat only for three months, it's not an excuse not to have a house warming party. Most of our mates had already disappeared back to England and Germany after the christmas hols, but luckily we were able to attract some cool people to see our uncool flat.

Skint as we are, we could only serve our guests water with some pieces of lime.

When the doorbell rang for the first time we raced to the door to welcome our first guest and this is what we found behind the door... :O
Omg I was lucky not be alone, this prettyface would scare the shit out of anyone!

At some point people said that the water with lime is not tasty enough and they were ready to go somewhere where the grass is greener so we jumped into a taxi van and headed to Motellet. Which I didn't mind at all as it has always been one of my favourite places in Helsinki.


Motellet was just as nice as I remembered, I love the atmosphere. And the dance floor was not too popular so I could do my best to mesmerise everybody with my amazing (...not!) moves.

It was really dark inside, but luckily I had my night vision lenses with me, so I could still recognise my friends.