Brazil in Paris

On the last week before Christmas holidays (and my last week in Paris) we were thinking to go to Moulin Rouge with the work group. But someone had a bit different idea and we ended up going to Pau Brasil. The restaurant is right next to Arc de Triomphe and the entrance looks like an entrance to a striptease club. But it was actually quite a positive surprise. The wine and the cocktail that were included in the menu were terrible, but the food was really nice and it was all you can eat. And it came on a long stick from which the waiter carved you a piece. Which was rather cool.

The point of the restaurant is that there is a group of dancers making a big show while you eat. They basically create the brazilian carnival inside a restaurant, with all those feathery outfits being close to naked. But the best part of the show was in my opinion the guys making a capoeira show, that was really something amazing. Unfortunately you were not allowed to take photos there, but in the end I dared to take on secret shot, but I wasn't sneaky enough to get a picture of the best parts in the show where they would have had the carnival outfits and all...
Oh and by the way, the price was not too cheap, I probably wouldn't have gone there if it wasn't paid by the company :P

But  I have to say they were able to create a really nice atmosphere to take your mind away from the weather outside. I really felt like flying to Brazil and spending couple of months there to learn to do capoeira and learn how to play the brazilian drums. Especially when I knew that it would look like this outside -->