The Stylish Blogger Award

I'm well excited. I got my first blogger's award today! This was awarded by one of my favourite blogs Hasta la Vista. That blog always makes me smile and I've never come across a boring post when clicking to Hasta la vista. I'm very gutted though that she's on wordpress cos it means that I can't support the blog by being an "official" reader or click the like button in the end of the post cos I'm not a wordpress user. How unfair...

Back to the award. When getting this award I'm supposed to list 7 facts. Not very specific, but I stalked some of those who have done it and I think I should tell facts that are somehow related to me. Hmmm.. And after listing the facts I am supposed to give this award to 15 other bloggers.

----------Fact number 1------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The easiest way to peel a banana is to "flip it" open. You who know me know that it's also the only way I know how to peel a banana. I learned it from my dad when I was a kid and when I asked him how he knew how to do that he said that "Dad can do anything". For the next ten years I actually thought that he is able to do everything!
Photo from

----------Fact number 2------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My favourite song to play with the piano is Kauas pilvet karkaa - niin minäkin. And I actually like Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki. I've liked him since I was 4 years old.

----------Fact number 3-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you take your dog to a groomer in Kilo in Espoo, your dog will get a bow for free! Jimi told me this on Skype couple of months ago.

----------Fact number 4---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't mind if people think I'm weird, as long as they don't think I'm unintelligent.

----------Fact number 5---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Clichy is not Paris, but you can look at Paris while being in Clichy. And if you go to the other side of that bridge you see on this picture you will be in Paris. And that road on that bridge is called Périphérique.
----------Fact number 6---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I know how to count to ten in Yoruba. But number 1 can be said in two different ways and that's confusing.
----------Fact number 7 aka Final Fact---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tulevaisuus means future in English. Today I made a plan for my future. Or at least for the next year but it's in other people's hands if I can implement the plan or not.

Now my turn to forward the award.
And the Stylish Blogger Award goes to.... well many of the bloggers I was thinking already got it, so no point in giving many times. And I'm a bit lazy so 15 is too many to link :D All of the blogs I read have extremely stylish bloggers, but as part of this thing is to link some, I'll be happy to forward the award to the following bloggers:

Daria and Maria
Bons baisers de France
Suklaata ja kahvia
Destination Unfamiliar

Don't worry, you don't really have to do the post if you prefer not to,  but at least you know that you've been awarded :D