When life gives you knives, make a hoodie

Procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority action with tasks of low-priority, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time (Wikipedia).

Some psychologists claim that the following criteria needs to be fulfilled for the behaviour to be called procrastination:  counterproductive, needless, and delaying

So I came home today and started to stare out of the window. Delaying. Check.

While doing that, I realised that on top of the building in front of us there's a statue. Or something. 

Today I had caffeine from three different sources; Coffee, Red Bull and Frezza Mocca. Counterproductive in the long run. Check.

Procrastination may result in a severe loss of personal productivity (Wikipedia). Do I look productive?

Only today did I realise that the sign some lovely neighbour has made by his or her own little hands says ÄIÄ instead of ÄLÄ. Sehän on vähän niinkuin ÄIJÄ jollain juoksia, kirjailia, vartia, taiteilia-murteella. Or he or she just forgot to write that L in capitals like the other letters. Indicating a spelling mistake in a hand-written note on the wall of a lift. Needless. Check.

In Flames - Come Clarity
Procrastinators are also thought to have a lower-than-normal level of conscientiousness, more based on the "dreams and wishes" of perfection or achievement in contrast to a realistic appreciation of their obligations and potential (Wikipedia).

Arranging sweets on the piano. And taking a picture of this arrangement. The lowest of all low-priority tasks one can find. Checkidy check check.

Happy news?

It is estimated that 80%–95% of university students engage in procrastination, approximately 75% considering themselves procrastinators (Wikipedia)
Well at least I'm not alone.

Actually. If I'm totally honest with you guys. This whole blog post was a major act of procrastination.

This is for you, the procrastination monster. Be scared. I will defeat you. Tomorrow.