Winter for all - weekend for some

A film I wanna see now.

A film I wanna see when the first sign of spring is in the air. Gotta love the Finnish summer.

"Look at this summer - you could do whatever you want."

Unfortunately I'll be having a working weekend so Friday as a day with the promise of weekend didn't really cheer me up this time, but at least I found a bargain on my way home. 3 for the price of 10€ !

And what would be a better time to watch a spooky film than a Friday night when you're home alone cos your roommate left for a holiday.

I have no idea if Silent Hill is any good, but I remember playing the game on Play Station when I was 13 and it was freakin' scary then!

At least Jodelle Ferland looks promisingly dreadful on the cover and she was really good in Case 39 so that's alright. The trailer didn't look too promising though........