The Book of Tattoos

It's been a while since I've been to the centre cos I've been trying to concentrate on my work and avoid doing pointless shopping cos I'm moving again in couple of weeks anyway. Not being used to spend time out of the flat lately, I managed to leave my wallet at the cashier. Got it back. Only to leave it somewhere again the next day. Got it back again.

I should start using a waist bag...
There was one on sale at Asos, only 6 pounds!

Well, the reason I went to the centre was to get a tattoo book :P To get some inspiration.

Even though I like Pirates of the Caribbean, I probably wouldn't like it on my skin.

This looked quite cool, the guy with this tat can easily entertain people without speaking "Just read my arm". I like comics but I'm not THAT big fan though.

The colourful skulls are actually cool. But I want my tattoo to be b&g.

Why? I mean WHY? The film wasn't that good, was it???

Grr. Roar.

This was my favourite from the book. Beautiful. But don't worry mum, it's still not the one that you'll see on my skin in April.