Jet lag

Some people say they never have any problems with time differences when travelling and jet lag is just a myth told by tired lazy people who need an excuse to sleep a bit later in the comfy hotel beds. Well I'd probably get  jet lag even if I travelled downwards not crossing any time zones. I got back from my England-Sweden tour and I can't get any sleep though it's already half two in the morning. Only half an hour past the midnight in UK eh?!

I can't wait to start uploading pics from my trip, maybe I'll get generous and add some stories too! Haa, we'll see, still some final uni work to do before entering the corporate world. But we did loosen up a bit and opened a bottle of Moët (someone rather enjoyed a lager but oh well, used the champagne glass so who cares) last week after handing in the dissertations and right before I left for my tiny week's getaway.