Met some old friends of mine last week in London.

It was so nice to meet up with the guys as it was like 2 years since we last met. It was not so nice to find my way back to Bromley-By-Bow from Fulham where I met these guys. They took a cab to the club and I headed back to East London with the tube. Or that was my plan. But the the closest station was closed.  Didn't come to my mind to check any timetables. Luckily I found a bus that would take me to Earl's Court tube station from where I could take I direct train to where I was heading. Well, obviously I got off the bus at a wrong stop and ended up walking around Kensington. After a half an hour I finally found the station I was looking for and then somebody shouted "Miss, you look just like my sister, est-ce que vous êtes francaise?!" Erm, "non je ne suis pas francaise mais j'espere que ta soeur est belle". So we changed a few words in French , but only a few cos he quite quickly realised that my accent is anything but French :D But his logic was that as his sister was in Paris atm and I looked like his sister, I must have had something to do with France so he decided to speak French to me. How random.

A random shot from my mate's neighbourhood

Unfortunately this random French conversation made me miss the last train from Earl's Court station. "Excuse me miss, where you going, you just missed the last train." Damn. Luckily the tube station workers were friendly and tried to look for another option to go to Bromley-By-Bow. 3 buses. Or a 2 buses and a taxi. After a time that felt like hours I finally hopped off the second bus and decided to call a taxi. "Sorry miss, you can't order a car to a station, you need to have an address." Yer I kinda knew that but I have no choice, there are no home addresses where I am! Luckily I'm almost a graduated professional negotiator and got myself a car to a bus station. My taxi driver commented "Canning Town, such a dodgy station". Good to know, next time I'll defo check the tube timetables before I go anywhere!

Bromley-By-Bow. Who says Londoners live tightly. There's plenty of extra building space in the 2nd zone!

Photographing metaphors in East London. You need to get over the barbed wire fence to reach success.

As if it wasn't already fun enough to spend all day in different moving vehicles, I seemed to be unconsciously so excited about the train trip to northern England the next morning that I followed the Finnish time and got to St Pancras two hours too early.

Which I only realised while drinking my morning coffee at Costa staring at the international arrivals sign.

I got back to London on Monday morning and had a ten times more relaxing day than that transportation themed Friday. Sun was shining and it was just perfect to enjoy the first signs of spring at Hyde Park at the same time knowing that it had been snowing in Finland.

I also had some time for culture and visited the British Museum.

My favourite piece was this Nigerian hippo.