We wanted to go out for a meal to Cafe de Nopal as we've heard nothing but good about the Mexican food there, but unfortunately they were fully booked. Second choice was Lupolo on Punavuorenkatu. Not a bad choice either. Nice waiterboy, good wine and alright food. I took some fish cheviche starter which had passion fruit in it and that was a well nice combination. For main I had the lamb burger which was alright. One of my friends had the burger as well, the other two had a curry and the fish of the day. The fish was raw at the first time, but the waiter brought another portion quickly, so it didn't ruin anybody's night. Unfortunately I had a meeting early next morning so couldn't continue to Llamas for drinks.. :(

I'm so much looking forward to 17th of March (dissertation deadline) so that I can start a bit more exciting life.. I really need to find my passport before that too!