New Wave

I've never heard of the New Wave song contest. Now I have. My mum and aunt are Koop Arponen fans and they got tickets for this song contest when they went to see Koop's gig last weekend.

Always nice to see some live music. Though I would have never thought to see Pandora to perform there. I didn't even know she has done music after the 90's when she had the hit that I'm sure all of us who remember the 90's in Finland have heard. Oh, the golden era of "Hittibuumi" collection albums!

Jani Toivola is such a nice guy. I started to follow him on Twitter today!

Sunrise Avenue was there as well! Not competing though... But I have to say they were quite good. I think I need to go see their gig one day even though I always thought that the singer is a prick after hearing a few of his interviews. Prick or not, I like the Hollywood Hills song :D

And here it is:

And guess who won the contest? (Or actually just won the possibility to represent Finland in the actual contest that will be in Latvia this summer...) Koop and his mates! Mum and aunt are happy now.