Tempo tempo

This morning on my way to work there was a kindergarten group on the same bus. They really loved to sing. Especially the elephant song. Those who don't know the elephant song, I can tell you it's quite simple. You continue singing it by adding elephants on the way so basically you just sing it all over again and the only thing that changes is the number of elephants. I had never ever before heard anyone sing it until 25 elephants. Now I have.

I found a disco style version of it.

Just wanted to share how my Monday started.

My original idea was to post about our mature style Friday at Tempo Bar. But now I'm so tired that I'll just convey the message with the help of some photos.

I would like to know what a 9-euro milkshake includes.

Happy family.

Champagne. Or just sparkling wine...

I look like a cartoon character.

Spot the pianist.

Birthday cocktail.

On fire.

Like a proper children's b-day party but Iguana instead of McDonalds.

With the games and all. Who types fastest?

While J was concentrating on texting I managed to stole her ring that matched my nail polish oh so perfectly.