I've already written about my love and hate relationship with the underground (here) but I have to add that the Stockholm underground is very pleasant. Though obviously it's quite easy for it to be like that as there's not enough people to create the herrings-in-a-can effect. In Paris that effect comes naturally, but most of the times the RATP and the drivers' love for strike action adds to that and make the herrings to sweat a bit more. Lol, I just love to make direct translations of Finnish idioms and sayings. Sometimes they actually even match quite well! You're my eye blade aka apple of my eye. Or not. I should maybe get some sleep now.

 What is that animal on the wall?!

 No idea.

 Funny though.

One of my friends just told me that she has a folder on her laptop that is named "Annika sleeping". She has been taking and collecting photos of me resting my eyes or having a nap in many many places. This is for you J.

Shoes: Tiger of Sweden. Jävla billiga when found on sale! This marks the beginning of my fashion blogger's career. Taking a photo of my sister's shoes from an angle that doesn't actually show how the shoes look like.