How to get dessert in Helsinki!?

In Finland people tend to eat dinner quite early. This is why it sometimes seems to be so damn difficult to find a restaurant that would serve food after 10 pm. Unfortunately my friends and I prefer the more Mediterranean dinner time.

Last Friday we went to Copas y Tapas for the first time and the tapas were really nice. The clientele was slightly older than us (or it might be just that I see myself to be a lot younger than I actually am). No, they really were older. The waiter was awesome. He had such detailed explanation for all the different tapas and I felt good knowing that the tuna I was eating was fished with a fishing line (?) instead of a fishing net, no dolphins harmed!

After the tapas we were naturally craving for dessert. Us being rather food-handicapped as a group, we need a very varied menu. At Copas y Tapas they only had chocolate confectionery for dessert. One of us is allergic to nuts, one to cocoa and two are lactose-intolerant. A selection of chocolates is not the best option for this group.

So we started to look for a restaurant where the kitchen would still be open. As we had seen the advert for 020202 that claims to find whatever you ask for, we rang them. Not too helpful, they were suggesting Sir Eino, a pub. In Finland the pubs are not like the pubs in England. I bet the Finnish pubs don't serve anything else than beer.

In the same building there's a rather prestigious looking cafe that is only open daytime and you need to go through it to find the toilets. (My cocoa allergic friend posing.)

And in that cafe they had a huge selection of all different types of fancy cakes. Behind a glass. No-one was looking. There was no-one there. But I didn't dare. I would have paid obviously! But still.

So what to do. Where to go? And then we remembered Manala. They have kitchen open until 4am! Perfect. So we took a taxi to Töölö.

But when we got to Manala, the bouncer said that the restaurant side is packed and there's already a group waiting at the bar to get a table. You should have seen our faces. All the happiness died from our eyes and you could almost see tears. No dessert?!? Noooooo. The bouncer felt really sorry for us, so he went behind the cloakroom and got back with a Turkinpippuri (a sweet with a nice salmiac powder filling) for all of us. Best service I've gotten for a while! He also hinted that restaurant KuuKuu has a kitchen open until midnight, so if we were really fast, we might be able to get dessert from there. So we ran out from Manala, very happy with the sweets in our mouths and headed further in Töölö to get to KuuKuu before midnight. What a Cinderella story. We didn't lose a shoe on the way, but something even more precious. A Turkinpippuri fell out from J's mouth! How is that is that even possible!?

But everybody knows the 5-second rule, so eyes on the ground to look for a lost Turkinpippuri! 5 seconds passed and we couldn't find it and we realised that we needed to get moving to get to KuuKuu on time.

And finally! Dessert. Happyface.

And we found the lost Turkinpippuri too! J had spat the sweet into my hair! Not purposely (I hope), she really thought it just fell out of her mouth while she was laughing.

So does the 5-second rule count if the edible thing never hit the ground?