Scandinavian Music Group @ Korjaamo & Eleanoora Rosenholm @ Tavastia

Went to these two really nice gigs last week and the week before. Scandinavian Music Group was as perfect as always and we also got to hear some new material. Made me look forward to the new album that will be released on 27th April! I also realised that SMG is one of the bands that I've seen live more than once and I have all their albums. I've also been a fan almost as long as I've been an N.E.R.D and HIM fan :D Talking bout varied taste in music....

Just impossible to take good gig photos with a normal camera. Add my photographing skills and the result is even better...

I was well happy that they played one of my favourite songs, Vieläkö soitan banjoa?

Eleanoora Rosenholm's gig was well good too! Or at least the end part of it was good cos we were late and missed the first half an hour... Gutted...

Suljetun osaston astronautti has such perfect lyrics. :D I don't know why I'm telling this in English cos the lyrics are in Finnish. But the translation of the name is "The Astronaut of the Closed Ward". And the song moves forward like a story, on the way this "astronaut" for example escapes from mental hospital, shoots a policeman in the leg then runs to the toilets and passes out and wakes up in a prison cell.

Couldn't find a lot material from youtube, but if you have Spotify or some other option to listen to Eleanoora, I can happily recommend the cover Karvattomat Koirat, amazing! And Tai-Panin paholainen is well good too.

And this is Ambulanssikuskitar.

Haven't really listened to her latest album Hyväile minua pimeä tähti yet, that is on the to-do list.

Btw, I took a tattoo yesterday! A post about that will be coming next... :P