Spring, I wanna believe in you

It was minus degrees this morning. I almost cried. But I have faith, faith in summer, it is coming!

So I had to go and check the snow situation in the back garden.

Not too good.

Got my feet wet.

But at least the sun is shining!

And I'm finally able to wear my sunglasses!

And I can also start using my spring trench that has perfect sleeves for showing off my tattoo :D

But maybe I should lose the hat.

I look like a blues brother, don't I?

I had to go further. There must be a place with no snow, even here in the middle of nowhere where I've been living since the beginning of April.

So I put on the sexy hiking boots and headed up to the hills. Closer to the sun, less snow? Yes!

 Even Jimi was smelling the spring in the air.

 ...and enjoying the sun.

He should definitely be a model, eh!? See the intensity in his eyes, professional.

 Only tiny bits of snow here and there!

Big foot was here.

And what treasures you can find underneath...!


Noah And The Whale - The First Day of Spring