A Day in Oslo

Such a gorgeous little city. Loved it!

The Castle

She looks like a he?

Nationa Gallery?

A good reason to hitchhike.

I also got a chance to meet some nice Norwegians. They wanted to interview me about praying?? I still have no idea what they were after and for what they were filming, but who would refuse to be interviewed when such friendly looking people are asking?

Who said Paris is for lovers? Oslo too!

Where there's lovers, there's a third-wheeler!

A cosy corner for a cheeky nap!

A nice house you got there mate. I like them towery homes.

Greeting to the future. Whatever that means.

I gotta say I was a bit surprised about the amount of graffiti and tags. I guess someone got interrupted while doing this one.

Mark the wall on your way, will ya.

I would have wanted to see this one in the making. The Iya Traore of Oslo is not as artistic as the Parisian one.

Go Finland! Btw, why is Norway not good in ice hockey?

A city of endless amount of statues.

Norwegian CCTV. Big brother has an eye on YOU.

Will defo go back to Oslo one day. But why does it have to be so expensive there?!

On the flight back to Helsinki, a guy sitting next to me had "Annika" tattooed on his arm with big letters. Of all the people in the plane it was me, Annika, who had a seat next to him!