Helsinki Fashion Stock Sales

Back from Stockholm, the Swedes were still alive and running!

Today I visited the Fashion Stock Sales at Vanha Ylioppilastalo. My plan was to go and say a quick hi to a friend who was working there, but I ended up getting something nice for myself too. I made a long lasting investment and bought a beautiful Mhann bag from Lumi on 14. Mhann is actually a brand for men... You can call me manly but I loved the bag. And it was 90 euros cheaper than the original price. Me and my manly side are more than okay with that.

I also bought this Costo hat. It comes with a detachable bobble, so if I get bored with the light blue bobble, I can buy a new bobble with a different colour! I'm becoming a true hat person. I finally realised that I will never learn how to make my hair look nice so the hats are my saviours! And I learned a new word today - BOBBLE! (I'm so excited about that funny word that I had to include it three times in that one sentence... bobblebobblebobblebobble!)

My jolie Jolier friend who was the reason I woke up at 10 this morning instead of 13.

Pink flowers, pink leggings. Urban camouflage!

After Vanha I went to Kauppahalli cos I had heard a rumour that someone's selling macarons there.

But it was a disappointment. The macarons were ridiculously expensive and didn't even taste like good macarons should taste. If anybody knows where one can find good macarons in Helsinki, please let me know!?

This song by Jonathan Jeremiah is amazing! Loving it! You should listen to it too!