'Jolier' te rend plus jolie?

Today I got my very first proper designer dress!

And what could be better, it's actually two dresses at once because it's transformable! Oh, that could actually even make it four different dress options in one if I think about it cos both the sleeves and the hem can be kept short or long. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take pictures of all these options and I also forgot to take a picture of the one that I chose in the end. I think it is this one that I have. I'm sure it will be shown in this blog at some point though! Now I'm just waiting for some nice event or party to wear it at. Invitations, anyone?

It does help my conscious a little bit too that the brand is sustainable and the dress is not chinamade. Now I don't have to feel so bad about flying to Oslo only for a day tomorrow, do I....?